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Ever since I was 9 years old I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a “World Peace Leader”.

My childhood dreams reflected my heroes Martin Luther King Jr, Mandela, Gandhi-  with a bit of a twist- I wanted to use my artistic gifts to make a difference in the world.  I believed in my calling and started the journey to my dreams early.  The accumulation of a dreamer’s  journey saw me chasing record deals in my teens, at Spelman College to further my skills, and ultimately to LA,  Broadway, Tv/Film & stages across the globe- and yet my dreams were not fully realized.  There was still G(o)od work left to do.  I began to intently pursue my passion to make an impact on the world by investing my ideas, skills, words, thoughts, and heart into children & dreamers, of all ages.  That seed began to produce children’s tv pilots, art-driven online programming, and inspirational workshops for dreamers across the country.  Im am humbled to say that Dream Camps is a Carnegie Hall, Neon Arts grant recipient, Hud Envision partner, and has partnered with schools, non-profits, and a variety of youth organizations in an effort to make dreams accessible to all! 

I am honored to do the work of protecting dreams and helping to define purpose for world changers, art makers, trendsetters, and go-getters! I hope to create a safe place for dreamers to feel supported and encouraged in their endeavors. It is my dream that through this inspired mission I will ultimately fulfill my God-given purpose.

I hope you will choose to dream with me.  Your destiny awaits and it would be my honor to lead you towards the path of your heart’s true desires!

Peace & Love,

Angela Wildflower

“My Riches Aint In Digits” 

Angela Wildflower

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