Dream camps is the must have entertainment arts program that connects young dreamers ages 5-18 with tv/film, music, broadway, and behind the scenes professionals to help young dreamers find the path from where they are to where they want to be.

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June 10- August 9th (Thursdays)

Dream Camps Summer Camp Series

June 21-25th, 2021


June 9th- June 30th (Parkhill Private Camps)

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Our online suite of programming for schools, youth conferences, after school and special events

The Original Dream

Ages 11-18, Entertainment Arts

The original Dream Camp provides entertainment art classes for dreamers 5-18. In exclusive online sessions dreamers interact, learn and grow from top industry professionals in tv/film, music, broadway,  dance, behind the scenes & more! Each dream camp includes live dj, dream protection, artist challenges, Behind The Dream Interviews, & the opportunity to perform live!! 

Dream Coaching

Ages 9-18, Goal Planning

Dream Coaching offers one-on-one or group motivation to inspire young dreamers towards their life purpose. Using a guided 4 step program which includes DREAMSTORMING, DREAMSCAPE, DREAM BUILD, & DREAM NOW, dreamers will discover their true purpose, create a blueprint for their goals, and begin taking actionable steps to dreams come true!

Dreamcamps Jr.

Ages 5-10, Entertainment Arts

Our original dream camp modified for dreamers ages 5-10! These motivational art based exposure camps are especially designed for our youngest dreamers to experience goal setting, character building, and discovering arts & entertainment.  Our interactive, live, variety sessions “Wildflower’s Super Lit Half Hour “ are  available upon request!

Behind the Dream

Ages 11-18, Dream Guest Speakers

Behind The Dream is an innovative, live interview series hosted by Broadway/Tv/Film actress Angela Wildflower and streamed directly into classrooms across the country. In live Zoom Sessions students are invited beyond the lights and behind the dreams of leading industry professionals in a variety of career paths, as they share their personal stories of triumph, heartbreak and resilience. We offer a wide range of exciting professionals NOT only in entertainment but inclusive to STEM, consulting, engineering, law, medicine, The Pentagon, The Whitehouse, Broadway, Tv, Film, and so much more!

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“And when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Paulo Coelho


Let Dream Camps design your next special event, workshop, or youth conference! If you can dream it- we can conceive it.  

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